Kino Sports Complex



Pima County Stadium District is looking for established food vendors to sell concessions during concerts, tournaments, special events, and other activities scheduled at Kino Sports Complex. If you would like to become an approved Food Vendor, please complete this application and our Concessions Manager will contact you. Our desire is to offer a wide variety of specialty foods during events from a core group of experienced, licensed vendors who serve a broad menu of food and beverage.

What is your vendor business name and who is the primary contact?

Please tell us about your business experience.

Do you have a current business license? No Yes

If yes, how long have you been in business?

What is your business license number?  Expiration Date:

Do you have a current Pima County Health Department Food Permit?  No Yes
If yes, when will it expire? Expiration Date:

Do you have a Liability and Indemnification Insurance Policy for your business?   No Yes

Please list the items you sell and the price point for each item.

We sell the following:

Do you have a commissary where you prepare your food items?

No Yes  If yes, where is it located? 

Please tell us about your experience with particular events.

List the various events that you have worked in the past:

How many events did you work in the past 12 months? 

What events do you plan to work in the next 12 months?

Please provide four contacts from the past events that you have worked for business references.

  • Contact Name:  Telephone Number: 

  • Contact Name:  Telephone Number: 

  • Contact Name:  Telephone Number: 

  • Contact Name:  Telephone Number: 

Tell us about your business operation.

Do you operate any permanent (store front) locations?  No Yes  If yes, how many: 

Do you operate other temporary locations?  No Yes  If yes, how many: 

Booth Space

All vendors will be required to provide a portion of their gross sales from each event for booth space. The percentage paid to the District will vary based on the event.

Tell us about your booth requirements.

Please select which best describes your Food Set Up:

Tent,  Food Truck,  Trailer - What is total Square Footage Required: 

Do you need Electricity to operate your booth?  No Yes  (Electricity is limited to 20 amps per booth.)

Do you require running water?  No Yes

Please list any special booth requirements you need:

Please provide photos of your Food Operation

Thank you for your interest in becoming a food vendor at the Kino Sports Complex. Our Concessions Manager will review the application and notify you if your application has been approved.

In addition to your form submittal, please provide a separate email with a minimum of two photos of your food vendor operation fully set up and ready for business.