Kino Sports Complex

Venue Rental Policies For Field and Facility Use



Rental Requirements
Pima County Stadium District manages Kino Sports Complex. Fields, clubhouses and other resources are available for public and private use. Kino Sports Complex is a controlled access facility; Customers must have a signed Contract before using the facility. 

Everyone using the Complex must have the following paperwork on file at the District Administrative Office before using the Complex. Pima County Stadium District will assist you with completing the necessary paperwork:

  • A current Customer Registration Form
  • A current Certificate of Insurance (COI)
  • A current Use Agreement signed and authorizing specific rental area
  • A current Health Permit if you are selling food
  • A current Alcohol Permit if you are selling or consuming alcohol

All reservation requests shall be submitted by the Customer using the appropriate Rental Reservation Form. Forms are posted on the website under the Rentals Tab. We also encourage you to read the Rental Reservation Guidelines which explains our rental process.

Following is a list of items that will help familiarize you with our rules and policies for using the Complex.

Certificate of Insurance
The insurance requirements for your event should be your first priority. Pima County has established insurance and certificate of insurance requirements for all Customers, Vendors, and Contractors entering into an agreement with the Stadium District. Before commencing use of the resources and services under agreement, the District must be furnished with a Certificate of Insurance.

Reservations are only complete when a valid Certificate of Insurance (COI) has been approved and is on file with the Pima County Stadium District Administrative Office for the specific event for which it is intended. Following are the guidelines for obtaining insurance coverage with your carrier for your event.

A Certificate of Insurance must include the following information:
The specific date(s) of the event, and the type of the event for one-time events.
All certificates of insurance must provide for thirty (30) days written notice to Pima County and Pima County Stadium District for cancellation or non-renewal. Name Pima County and Pima County Stadium District as additional insured with the following language: “Pima County and Pima County Stadium District shall be named as an additional insured with respect to liability arising out of the activities performed by, or on the behalf of, the user.”
Certificates for sports groups whose insurance is part of an umbrella policy provided through an association shall include the name of the organization and league name. (Example: If your league is insured with a regional association such as Arizona Youth Soccer Association (AYSA) the certificate shall include the league name and the association name.)

Each group shall be identified on the certificate as having coverage (if more than one group is on the policy).

Insurance Coverage Limits
Coverage by event and sport varies but will always have minimum limit coverage. Depending on the event you may be required to purchase additional coverage. Pima County Risk Management Department and Pima County Stadium District will determine adequate coverage based on the event. Here are the minimum limits of liability per occurrence required:

General Liability No Alcohol With Alcohol
Each Occurrence $2 Million $5 Million
Personal & Advertising Injury $2 Million $5 Million
General Aggregate $2 Million $5 Million
Products – Completed Operations Aggregate $2 Million $5 Million

Sample Certificates of Insurance


Field Use Rules

Customers may only use assigned fields/facilities during their permitted field-use period. If Customer extends a permitted use period they will be charged the additional field usage and may be penalized with reduced field usage on future reservations.

Field use by youth must be under adult supervision at all times. The Customer is responsible for the conduct of participants and spectators. Profane language or other objectionable behavior is not permitted. No warm-up play is permitted outside of the field area. Kicking balls or hitting balls into the field fencing or climbing or sitting on the fences is prohibited.

Customer shall not alter the field by applying chalk, tape, paint, etc. without written approval from the District.

Customers are expected to keep the fields/facilities and areas clean and free of all litter including gum, food, drinks, athletic tape, etc. All trash generated must be picked up upon conclusion of usage. Sunflower Seeds are not permitted on the complex.

Customers may not leave equipment or store items/supplies at the Complex without written approval from the District.

Customers may not use fields outside their permitted field-use period without written approval from the District. If customers extend their use beyond the permitted period, they will be charged for the additional field usage and may be penalized with reduced field usage on future reservations.

Consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages or appearance of an intoxicated state is strictly prohibited.

Absolutely no vehicle access beyond marked parking areas is permitted. Supplies must be carried to the field.

Batting Cages Rules
Customers who use the batting cages understand that use of the facility is at their own risk and that Pima County and the Stadium District are not liable for any personal injury or equipment damage sustained in or around the batting area.

Customer shall allow only registered program participants to use the batting cages. Parents, relatives, or friends of program participants are not allowed inside cages.

Customer shall allow only adults (18 years and older) to supervise the cages, set up and take down equipment, and operate machines and lighting. The batting cage areas must be supervised by an approved adult during all scheduled uses. Additional Stadium staff supervision is required for twenty (20) or more people; appropriate fees will be added to invoice.

Metal spikes or cleats are not allowed in the batting cages.
Soft toss of balls against chain-link fences that enclose the cages or the cage area is not permitted.
No Customer equipment shall be used inside batting cages without prior approval by the Stadium District. 
Customers are expected to keep the batting cage area clean and free of all litter including seeds, gum, food, drinks, athletic tape, etc. All trash generated must be picked up upon conclusion of usage. Only bottled water is permitted inside the cages.

Everyone must wear batting helmets upon entering the cages and especially while batting.
Only two (2) people are allowed inside a cage at one time (the pitching machine operator and the batter).
Pitching machine operators must use the L-screen at all times during operation.
Pitching machine adjustments should never be made when a batter is in front of the machine. Equipment adjustments must be made from behind the machine. The speed of the machine should be set to the appropriate level for the age of the batter.

Pitching machines shall not be permitted for use during stormy weather (lightning or rain). 
Customer is responsible for turning off all lights. Gates must be closed and secured before leaving the premises.
Customers shall use batting cages only during the date and time defined in the Use Agreement.
Customer contact person must report any equipment malfunctions, damages to the batting cages area, or any potential safety hazards to the Stadium District immediately upon notice.

Clear Bag Policy
Effective April 1, 2016, Kino Sports Complex is instituting a new clear bag policy for the Kino Veterans Memorial Stadium venue. The policy limits the size and type of bag that may be brought into our venue. The following is a list of bags that will be accepted for entry:

  • A bag that is clear plastic or vinyl and does not exceed 12” x 6” x 12”
  • A one-gallon clear plastic freezer bags (Ziploc bag or similar)
  • A small clutch bag, no larger than 4.5” x 6.5”(after being searched)
  • Exceptions will be made for medically necessary items after proper inspection, including but not limited to oxygen tanks, diabetes kits, allergy pens, etc.

Clubhouse Rules
Customer shall not make alterations to existing structures without written consent from the District beforehand. 
Customer is responsible for the cleanliness of clubhouses, kitchens, restrooms, hallways, parking lots, and surrounding areas, which are authorized for use. Customer is responsible for trash removal.
Alcoholic beverages are prohibited, unless Customer obtains written consent from the District.
Customer is responsible for obtaining all required health permits related to food services provided for event either catered or sold.

District may remove, store, or dispose equipment left (following opening hour of District business) after the event by Customer from a Rental Company, etc. 
Customer is responsible for all costs associated with replacement/repair of equipment that is damaged or missing including tables and chairs.

Absolutely no vehicles are allowed on any sidewalk, grass area, or other non-roadway area(s) of the entire Complex without approval of District. Supplies and equipment must be carried to the field. Customer shall not place any additional locks on doors or gates on Premises.

Consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited unless Customer has authorization from the District for the sale of alcohol during the event. Alcohol sold on the premises shall not be allowed to leave the designated area. Public intoxication or the appearance of an intoxicated state is always prohibited regardless of the sale of alcohol.

No animals, except service dogs that assist their owners who have ADA needs, shall be allowed at the Premises. Service animal certification must be provided upon District request.

Articles Left on the Premises
District has the sole right to collect and have custody of articles left on the Premises by persons attending any activity, performance, exhibition or entertainment given or held on the Premises. Customer shall not collect nor interfere with the collection or custody of such articles. Customer is responsible for its own equipment and/or items left at the Premises either, before, during or after the scheduled event. If Customer leaves such items after scheduled event, District may remove, store, or dispose of such items in its sole discretion as it deems fit and Customer shall pay District the cost of such action by District.

Health Permit
If food or non-alcoholic beverage(s) is sold during an event, the Customer (or third-party performing service) must provide a current Health Permit and Certificate of Insurance to perform this service. This includes but is not limited to all sales from the Snack Bar, Concessions Stand, a Food Truck, Booth, or any other type of food vending setup.    

Use of inflatables (jumping castle, slides, etc.) during an event must always be pre-approved by the District to ensure that vendor has the required insurance coverage. Staking of inflatable equipment is profibited on all fields (no exception).

Signs and Decorations
Customer shall use only such signs, banners, decorations, and printed materials for distribution on or within Premises as have been presented to and approved by District. Attachment method will be determined by District, and costs incurred for the purchase, installation, and removal are the responsibility of the Customer. Customer shall not allow the sale or distribution of any adhesive stickers, fliers, or loose pamphlets within the Premises.  

Video Cameras
District may use video or digital camera(s) to photograph and/or record events.  District reserves the right to use any images recorded at events for any future advertising or use on the District website.

Weather-Related Closure
Pima County Stadium District reserves the right to close fields and/or cancel reservations due to safety or weather issues. If weather-related cancellations occur during an event, every attempt will be made to reschedule cancelled reservations as soon as possible. Fair and equitable distribution of fields will be determined by District and priority will be given to each Customer that has an event in progress. If games cannot be rescheduled, a credit will be applied to the Customer’s account or a refund will be given if Customer does not have an open reservation.