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The Office Staff
Successful events take careful planning and coordination. You can depend on the dedicated Pima County Stadium District staff to work with you through the entire event process. In addition to venue rental, we can assist with planning of security, parking, staffing, cleaning, law enforcement, concessions, and ticketing aspects; and tailor them to your particular event needs.

Reenie Ochoa
Director, Stadium District
(520) 222-1001
Mary Arvizu
Administrative Specialist
(520) 222-1049
Monica Banuelos
Contracts Manager
(520) 222-1085
Michael Jacques Michael Jacques
Admin Support Specialist
(520) 222-1018
Arturo Torres-Quiroz Arturo Torres-Quiroz
Grounds Complex Manager
Office: (520) 222-1094
Cell: (520) 262-2245
Christine Christina Rheubottom
Office Manager
(520) 222-1011
Charlotte Watts Charlotte Watts
Financial Program Coordinator
(520) 222-1043
Gilbet Wilson Gilbert Wilson
Events Coordinator
Office: (520) 222-1047
Cell: (520) 349-7826

Scheduling Assistance
Please complete the online reservation form

or call (520) 724-5466

The Grounds Staff

Kino Sports Complex Grounds Crew
Jesus Marquez, Raul Moraga, Charlotte Olivani, Gene Murray, Ray Mungaray, Jerry Sanchez, Cory Ferguson, Danny Casillas,
Danny Manriquez, Loretto Greg Jaimez, Randy Hirschman, Gabriel Ortiz, Joe Wilkerson, Gilbert Wilson, Mark Riesgo, Steven Madril,
Terrell Newman, Adrian Mendoza, Michael Leon, Franky Noriega, John Riesgo, and Michael Jacques